How we work


Slow Wood realizes wooden interiors based upon customers’ residential and commercial designs (HoReCa, offices, student housing, stores) and is able to provide support throughout all project phases thanks to its expertise in the selection and processing of wood and to its project management structure.


Wood is a material rich in beauty

Diversity and variety are values

Expertise grows when it is shared

Our take on the “Made in Italy”: ancient techniques and innovative processes

Our expertise for your creativity

A sustainable project lasts in time

Our customers’ satisfaction is our own

Transparency is trust

Wood is slow, but we are not

For whom

We made the choice to work for interior designers. We did it because working and dialoging with professionals is a welcome challenge for us. We love dealing with different styles and interpret every type of design idea, just like we love to put our expertise at the disposal of designers. The combination of knowledge and experience gives life to the best results, and working closely with the designer through a collaborative approach generates a constant growth and learning opportunity for both parties; a great stimulus for professional motivation.

We leave the pleasure of designing to the architect,
we take care of the rest.



The best way to compete is doing what we do best.


Our solutions help you to exceed client expectations.


We use only woods from responsibly managed forests.

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