Wood is a very stylish, warm and natural material. Whether it is in a private home or a public space, a wooden floor is synonymous with warmth and nature; it is extremely stylish and is also a technically optimal choice because of its easy installation and maintenance combined with a wide range of woods and layout configurations to choose from. A wood floor is suitable for any space.
Slow Wood supplies and installs wood flooring of any kind. We have a wide range of wood flooring made of quality wood (oak, elm, cherry, teak, walnut, etc.) and we develop fully customized solutions for our most demanding customers using high quality wood from all over the world: antique wood, thermally treated wood and, where required, manual finishing operations. We develop ad hoc finishes and laying plans, and can create targeted sampling to identify the optimal solution for the customer.

Some of our customers

  • Aldo Cibic
  • Andrea Marcuccetti
  • Demetra Gold
  • ES Arch
  • Gastameco s.r.l.
  • Illy S.p.A.
  • Interior BE
  • IULM - Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione
  • Matteo Fieni
  • Pagani e Perversi Associati
  • Schiattarella Associati
  • Stella Holding s.r.l.
  • Studio Aessei
  • Studio Proima
  • Veneta Cucine
  • Zeinaty Group - Lebanon
  • CO.GE.FA
  • Gruppo C14
  • Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo
  • Leggiero Real Estate
  • Algepris s.r.l.
  • KASA interior design